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Company Profile:-

F1 Racing Simulator International was established in 2006 by Engineer Jonathan Mallinson.

F1 Racing Simulator International is a leading provider of advanced simulation systems. We offer 4 classes of systems: professional racing simulators (PRS), driving school simulators (DSS), clinical driving simulators (CDS) and research driving simulators (RDS). Our simulators are state-of-the-art, high fidelity systems that have been adopted by major racing teams, research universities, commercial laboratories, hospitals, medical clinics, and rehabilitation centers worldwide.

F1 Racing Simulator Factory

F1 Racing Simulator International is a member of the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Inc,  The Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc.,  The International Association Of Amusement Parks And Attractions and is a Licensed Manufacturer of Red Bull F1 Racing Team, PIRELLI Tires and Mobil-1 Oil. F1 Racing Simulator International is owned and managed by a team of British and Filipino professionals and specializes in the manufacture and World Wide Export of Full Size Formula One Show Cars and F1 Racing Simulators.

Member Of British Chamber Of Commerce Of The Philippines Inc.       Member Of International Association Of Amusement Parks And Attractions         Member Of Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc.       

All our Racing Simulators comply with ASTM F963-95 and EN71 Part 2

Whatever your requirement, F1 Racing Simulator International believe that we have the skills and experience to make it. Our team of Model Makers, Sculptors, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Design Developers can usually find a solution. From F1 Product Visualization to Racing Simulator Awards, Grand Prix Bespoke Furniture to Sculpted Full Size F1 Show Cars and Formula One Racing Simulator Prototyping Branding.

F1 Racing Simulator International
A British Company - Working To International Standard ISO 9001