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F1 Racing Simulator International is a British Company and was founded in 2006 by Jonathan Mallinson. F1 Racing Simulator International are a manufacturer, developer and designer of Professional F1 Racing Simulators & Professional F1 Show Cars. We custom design and develop automobile projects of any size, style or design that are used for driver training, race preparation and strategy, car set-up and car & component development.

Our F1 Show Cars & F1 Racing Simulators are also available as Pit Stop Challenge F1 Show Cars.

With over 13 years of experience in the manufacturing and design of F1 Racing Simulators, F1 Show Cars, V8 Motorsport Racing Simulators & GTI Sports Car Racing Simulators for Europe, UK, Australia, Middle East, Asia and USA clients.

We are a licensed F1® manufacturer of Red Bull® Formula One Racing Team, Mobil-1® Oil and FXPro McLaren® F1 Team.


FXPro McLaren F1 Team Show Car

| FXPro McLaren® F1 Show Car |

F1 Racing Simulator International supplies top level race teams and motor sport engineering companies with simulator hardware, software, full size Formula One vehicle models, tracks and high-resolution projection systems.

F1 Racing Simulator International's open architecture motion-based Professional Formula One Racing Simulators are trusted for their realism and accuracy, and relied upon to deliver unlimited, repeatable racecar development testing and set-up.

We are a leading provider of professional advanced simulation driving systems and solutions. We offer 2 classes of systems, our simulators are state-of-the-art, high fidelity systems that have been adopted by major racing teams.

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F1 Racing Simulator International is highly committed to provide an exemplary customer service in order to satisfy customer needs at every point of contact which include post-sale communication and support.


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