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| F1 Rentals & Hire |

F1 Racing Simulator International rent and hire F1 Show Cars and F1 Racing Simulators for Promotions, Photo Shoots, Filming, Events and Team Building. Our Formula One Show Cars are also available as Pit Stop Challenge F1 Show Cars.

Our F1 Racing Simulators and F1 Show Cars are available for rent in England, France, Germany, USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Italy, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, India, Malaysia and Ireland.

F1 Racing Simulator International has over 13 years of experience in renting, leasing and hiring state of the art Professional Full Size F1 Racing Simulators, F1 Show Cars, Half Size F1 Racing Simulator POD Cockpits, V8 Motorsport Racing Simulators & GTI Sports Car Racing Simulators to leading international companies and brands in Europe, UK, Australia, Middle East, Great Britain and Asia.

Our full size Formula One Racing Simulators and Formula One Show Cars that are available for rent, and that can be branded in your own company decals are from 2016 to 2019 F1 Race Team cars.

To view high resolution images and videos of F1 Racing Simulators and F1 Show Cars available for International rental please visit: | F1 Show Cars - F1 Racing Simulators Rental |

 F1 Show Car Simulator For Rent

| F1 Show Car Simulator For Rent |

F1 Show Car Rent

All F1 and Automobile products for hire from F1 Racing Simulator International can be branded in your own corporate colors and designs. For your event, we have F1 related props and furniture like F1 Helmet Stools, F1 Tires and Tables, F1 Full Size Nosecones and Automobile Wall Decors that are all available for rent.

Please contact us for more details on renting, leasing and hiring costs.


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