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F1 Specs & Showroom:-

Our Full Size F1 Show Cars and F1 Professional Racing Simulators have been built by expert Engineers and Technicians, many of whom have worked for race teams.

Wherever possible, our engineers use F1 technology and F1 materials to create the most authentic F1 Show Car replica available. Sleek lines and aerodynamic curves are all recreated to an exacting standard: the quality of finish is superb, all leading to a build quality that is second to none.

Full Size RB9 Red Bull F1 Simulator

Whatever your event, you are absolutely guaranteed to draw people to the Full Size F1 Show Cars or F1 Professional Racing Simulator with its dazzling, streamlined good looks and curves, it demands attention from everyone who passes by: its never long before a crowd forms and nothing draws a crowd... like a crowd.

The advanced Formula One Simulation software grabs the attention further, as members of your audience vie for pole position on the leader board. Visitors can choose from over 50 different racing circuits from past to present, Silver Stone, Monaco, the Nurburgring and even the Singapore Grand Prix Night Race track.

 F1 Professional Racing Simulator

To Download A Video Of Our Full Size F1 Racing Simulator Being Raced At Our Racing Simulator Show Room Please CLICK The Images Below.

Full Size F1 Racing Simulator Video - CLICK To Download    Full Size F1 Racing Simulator Video - CLICK To Download

With realistic braking and acceleration pedals and a heavy-duty force feedback steering wheel with a rumble pack that lets you feel every nerve-jangling manoeuvre; surround sound in-car audio and 3 massive screens in glittering high definition, everyone wants to not only watch but get involved and take their turn at hurtling around the track.

The excitement and tension of our leading-edge F1 Professional Racing Simulator really raises adrenalin and sets the pulse racing. The elevated sensations and heightened concentration leave visitors feeling exhilarated and with big, big smiles on their faces! (Especially if they make it to the leader board with their lap time.)

There are so many ways to utilize the F1 Professional Racing Simulator or F1 Show Car in your promotions, here are just a few suggestions:

Corporate Events - Charity & Fundraising - Car Dealerships - Hospitality

Award Ceremonies - Festivals - Shopping Centers - Photo Shoots & Props

Weddings - Birthdays - Product Launches - Sports Bars - Trade Fairs

An absolute must for advertisers, branders and product sales, our advanced technology simulation racing software lets you add your own logo, message, brand or advertisement feature within the racing environment. Your advertising can appear on hoardings, barriers and bridges on any track in the world!

If you would like to visit our Racing Simulator Show Room and experience racing a Full Size RB9 Red Bull F1 Simulator or our Ferrari Full Size F1 Racing Simulator, or wish to discuss Rental opportunities of any of our Professional Racing Simulators please do not hesitate to contact us as below.

Please CLICK The Small Picture Below For A Larger Picture Of Our Full Size F1 Racing Simulator.

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Please See Below The Technical Specifications For Our F1 Show Car & F1 Racing Simulator

F1 Steering Wheel In Carbon Fiber Finish.

Detachable Full Size Front Nose Cone Assemble.

Detachable Carbon Fiber Effect Rear Wing & Spoiler Assemble.

Fully Up Gradable Front Nose Cone To Accommodate 2015 & Onwards New F1 Front Nose Cone Designs.

Detachable F1 BBS Alloy Effect Rims With Pirelli F1 100% Rubber Tires.

Front & Rear Suspension & Brake Assemble.

Detachable F1 Wing Mirrors.

Reinforced F1 Cockpit Seat In Carbon Fiber Finish.

Accurately Styled F1 Chassis Made In Top Quality 6 MM Fiberglass & Composite Bodywork.

Finished In Any F1 Racing Team Logos & Colors Or Your Own Custom Corporate Logos & Colors.

Finished In High Gloss 2 Pack Enamel Paint Work.

Suspension Components, Brake Arrangement & Rear Wing Assembly In Matt Black Finish.

Rear Working Red Rain Light.

In Built Head & Seat Custom Made Cushions.

Integrated RB9 Formula One Force Feedback Steering Wheel In Carbon Fiber Finish.

Adjustable F1 Racing Pedals To Accommodate People From 4 Foot To 6.5 Foot.

Custom Built High-Speed Racing Simulator PC & High-Speed Graphics Gaming Card.

Computer & Sound System Space Saving Hinged Storage Compartment.

High Definition LED Monitor - 24 Inch To 55 Inch.

High Definition Carbon Fiber Finish LED Monitor System Stand.

Heavy Duty Integrated Conduit Wiring System With Built In Voltage Stabilizer & Surge Protection.

100 Watt High-Impact Dolby Theater Sound System & High Definition 20 To 200 Hz Subwoofer.

Integrated Blue-tooth Wireless 900 MHZ Stereo Headphones.

Fully Upgradable rFactor Professional Racing Simulator Software.

Fully Compatible With 4 & 6 DOF Full Motion Systems.

F1 Show Cars and Simulator Model/Year available: Fer F138 - 2013 | Red Bull RB7 - 2011 | Red Bull RB9 - 2014 | Fer F14T - 2014 | Fer SF15-T - 2015 | Fer SF16-H - 2016 - Ferr SF70H -2017

F1 Show Car Storage Box.

Length In Meters: 4.7

Width In Meters: 1.95

Height In Meters: 1.2

If you would like to download as a PDF file the specifications of our F1 Simulators & F1 Show Cars please click the Download image below.

F1 Show Cars F1 Simulators Specifications

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